Friday, August 29, 2014

Waiting on the deck. Quick sketch on the ferry From Bastia to Livorno.

On the deck. Ferry Bastia-Livorno Wed 27 August.
Watercolor and black pen 

We got back to SF late last night.
The most wonderful part of coming back is always seeing in Mona. We missed her so much!!!
The worst one is the cleaning, laundry and drying part. 

I drew today' s sketch on the ferry Bastia- Livorno on Wednesday, few peoples were reading and suntanning on the deck.
Then I draw the Corsica glad and attached it on top.

Leaving Bastia:

And arriving in  Livorno:

It was a beautiful day. Missing the European summer heat already! But most of all I missing our family and friends. It always take me some time to adjust once I get back.

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