Wednesday, June 27, 2012

tiny California coast

5x5 inches oil on canvas
This is a tiny landscape, done in half an hour this afternoon.
It was a busy day:)
My ankle was slightly better so I went for a run with Mona in the is bad again!!! :(
Swimming around lunch time and then a chat with a friend.
The majority of the afternoon was spent cooking curry and while biscotti where cooking in the oven i went for this tiny painting!
...The biscotti are over cooked, very good but a slightly burnt on one side!!! I should never cook and paint at the same time!! LESSON LEARNED :)
good night friends!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello everybody!
Back to class today :)  As you guys know well I LOVE this portrait class !

The bad thing of the day is that my right ankle has being painful in the last few days, so no run for me lately :(
(I went to swim instead, and it was great!!!)
But Mona is not fully understanding the situation and the 3 short walls i am giving her are not enough, she is spoiled, i know!!

Have a good afternoon everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Carmel workshop

Last Saturday I attend  a landscape workshop in Carmel by the sea, we had an AMAZING TIME!After choosing a spot each of us started doing his own painting, with us there was our teacher, Ray ( super cool teacher!!!)
This was our group :)
That was my view painting!

This is the painting finished.
Since I had some time left I started a second is the view
And this is the painting:
It was a really beautiful experience and I have decided that from now on I WILL START PAINTING LANDSCAPES OUTSIDE , deal!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Calla lilly

2 canvas 6x8 in each , oil on canvas

Another painting painted on multiple canvas...the effect is so cool!! I think I might do some more ;)
I love this flower, simply elegant.

Another nice hot day here in Menlo Park, tomorrow should cool down a bit though....good! Taking Mona out for a short walk, have a good evening everyone!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 canvas, one flower

3 canvas 6x12 in oil on canvas

Madame et first triptych !! I LOVE IT.
Another Ibiscus , now I am in the you might see another one tomorrow :)

Painting on 3 canvas is not really the easiest thing but I got there in the end!

Is already the 19th of June...time flies when you are having fun, is soooo true!!!!
Today's painting is dedicated to my super husband....he is not having much fun lately, between work and study...but our short holiday in Mexico is coming up soon!!
So much looking forward to it!!!
 Enjoy your rest of the day dear friends!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A piece of Hawaii ...

Happy Monday everybody!
Sunny but not to hot today ...just perfect :)
The morning passed by super quickly between a long run with Mona, cleaning the house and then my favourite shopping ever, at the Art store! You know when I go in, but you do not know WHEN I GO OUT! :)
I was quite good though, I did not buy too much!

Yesterday my parents in law send me an email with attached an Ibiscus picture, moreover I have a friend over here that apparently loves here is the painting of today guys:
an ibiscus of course! :)

Is painted on a small canvas 8x8inc, I primed the canvas with black acrylic first and then with oil....I like the super shiny effect!
Now off to golf lesson with hubby ,have a nice evening!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Morning light

12x12 in oil on canvas

Today is H O T, really H O T ... and the only think I wanted to paint it was the ocean...maybe the ocean in a sunny cool morning...with a nice breeze...can you feel it?!
Hope so!!
I painted also the side of the canvas, as u can see below ...I really like it! hot now..i am off to swimming  to cool down :) will back soon!! ciaoo!

Friday, June 15, 2012

wash drying in Napoli

18x 24 in oil on canvas
Few days ago I painted some a wash drying out in the California sun...well some Italian friends from Naples, told me that it looked like Naples.
But this is how imagine clothes drying out in the Naples sunshine.
I wanted to experiment a new style ( sometimes is necessary to experiment!!) mixing abstract and cartoon...
anyway, here you can see the final result! hope you like it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


16x20 inc oil on canvas

Hello everyone !! This was an experiment, started yesterday and finished today..because I have had enough!! :)I need to work on my patience, I will!
By the way, the heat is not helping!
I started this landscape yesterday and today all the colors were almost dry!! amazing! Bad though...because it makes more difficoult to work the colors...almost impossible :(
Today I finished the vineyard in the front and now the only thing left is...going to Napa and have a glass of wine, a cold white wine today would be perfect! :)

I painted on top of an old canvas, here you can see
I made a blue underpainting to give a bit of reflection and in some part is still showing, i love the effect!
 Enough with California landscaper for now...I am in mood to paint some part of Italy ( even though Napa really looks like Tuscany!!) lets' see....

have a good evening everyone!

Monday, June 11, 2012

California wash

11x14 inc oil on canvas

The other day a friend asked me where I find the inspiration for painting every single day.
While I run in the morning with Mona (if she allows me!! and if she behaves well!!) I look around, empty my mind, plan my day and think what to paint.
The view I painted today is not so common! normally people over here dont put wash outside to dry but there are always exception! and i took a picture! of course :)

Summer is all around, and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL ( let's put it that way, more beautiful than normally is!)
Lemon tree, orange tree, mandarin tree and more! You name it, is here! In our neighborood :)
And flowers of course, every kingd of flowers.
For the pleasure of Mona there are thousands squirrels...
And always the mountains in the background.

I really like todays painting...hope you do too!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Sunset glow

11x14 inches, oil on canvas

Well  I LOVE today's  painting!!
I am actually looking forward to my husband to be back tomorrow to look at it, I think i succeeded in getting the glow i was looking for!
This is one of the million picture we took since here...i don t remember when it was ...sorry!!

It took me around 4 hours to paint to bad!
Going out for a short run with MOna and party night tonight! YEAH! :)

have a good weekend guys!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coast with flower

8x8 inc oil on cardboard

A lot of my  fb friends liked my 2 mini landscape of yesterday, well i am very happy!!:)
So here it is, one more view from California
The truth is that I put too much yellow and blue on my palette while painting the bridge ( I HATE wasting colors!) so I decided to paint something whit a lot of blue and yellow  ;)

Off to take the doggie for a walk and then I ll start cooking: chicken with red curry , yummy!!!

Golden Gate Bridge

11x14 inc oil on canvas
After a huge house cleaning ( hubby is back today!!) and a short nice run with Mona I decided to try and paint the symbol of Northern California ...the the Golden Gate Bridge of course! :)
My second day of landscape painting and I AM LOVING IT
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back trail

6x8 in oil on cardboard
Here is the second landscape of today, I am happy with both!!
That was from a picture we took while hiking with Mona, nice time!!
Taking Miss Mona for a walk and then catching up with some girlfriends, life is not too bad!!:)

Californian coast

As I mentioned in my previous post today I decided i NEED to practice my landscape, since my I did my last one more than one year ago!!! ( and i painted 3 in total i think...)so time to do more of that!!
so , here is the first of  LONG series my friend!!
Is on a small card board 6x8 in, it took me only 3o min to i did two!:)
No need to say it was painted from one of the thousand pict we took on our way to the ocean.
Hope u like it!
I actually had fun in doing it!!!
Landscape are not to bad!! :)

Today' s portrait

Here is today's portrait...I love the hair cut of the young model!! I used to have the hair in this way in my teens, so much fun! and so easy !!
I love how made the eye...check it out!!
This was the last class of the Spring trimester, next portrait class will be at the end of June, but of course, I ll keep practicing!
Off to the the garden for a couple of hours to try painting a landscape!

kisses to my hubby that is on his way to NYC!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

through the rain

Hello everyone!
I hope you guys had a good start of the week, I partially did:)
After a super sunny and awesome weekend today it was rainy , cloudy and cold ...  all day long!
Me and Mona got completely wet this morning during our run!! But actually I love running when it rains, Mona doesnt though :) !!
In the afternoon I came up with idea of painting myself while sitting at my desk, so I positioned a mirror in front of me...and went for it!!!

not easy at all though!! As you can see...I NEED A LOT OF PRACTICE!! :) i was constantly moving and it was difficult to go back into the same position...hard stuff! but i ll try again during the week.
The final face results too long with a too long as someone else is good!!as being me..not really!!! :) anyway I LOVE TO EXPERIMENT!

this last picture is Mona relaxing while i was painting, she is too funny!

Suffering of shoulder pain right now, i am not used to painting sitting down, pretty uncomfortable..:(

good night!