Monday, August 10, 2015

Three weeks of pure love. Digital drawing.

Three weeks today of pure love.
This motherhood experience is so much more than anything I was expecting. More love, more responsibilities, more smiles, more awaken hours (much more!), more happiness.
I am loving and enjoying every moment of it.
We are slowly getting to establish a normal daily routine that hopefully will allow me some drawing time too. Of course Mona fun time has priority on my art time! She is dealing so well with the little one...being patient, understanding, loving and protecting.
 Happy Monday everyone!

 Three weeks of being a mom.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Boobies time!

Hello everyone!
I am out and about :) ....(have been out for a while actually!)
Tomorrow I will be two weeks old...time flies when you are having fun :)
Life outside is awesome! I finally met mommy, daddy and the doggie.
It's fun!
Everyone loves me but I love especially  mommy's boobies!!

Life has been pretty intense and busy in the last couple of weeks....hopefully I'll get to squeeze some art time here and there.
Early morning are the best, before everyone wakes up, before the coffee effect wears off and before the tiredness kicks in :)

A clear example of multitasking, drawing and feeding my little man!

A photo of my two awesome men: