Monday, October 30, 2017

watch out: Bay watch on duty :)

We had a mini heat wave in SF last week and Alex and I visited our good friends in Palo alto for a pool day.
First time for the little man to wear his swimming float, " Bimba-pesce" and alligator were invited to the party too.
 What a fun day!!
Thank you to Stefi and Ettore!!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I carry your hearts in my heart.

Surely Lucy will do an awesome big sister!

Lots of love to all the three of you from Alex and me.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

We made it ! Night weaning success!

Last night I slept in my bed on my own (hubby is traveling this week!) from 10 pm till 6am.
Last time I had such a long stretch of sleep was on the 18th of July 2015. The night before my baby was born.
I had to say this morning I was feeling pretty great!!

As you can tell from my drawing I followed the "lemon theory" for our night weaning and the good news is that it was much less dramatic that I was expecting.

Before the lemon trick I was telling my boy that "nene" need to sleep at night and he can nurse again when the sun is out but honestly he wasn't really getting it.
He would normally wake up around 1.30/2 am and he wanted to come into out bed to nurse, nurse and nurse some more. And BIG drama if I was saying NO to nursing.
To avoid big crying and big noise at night in the end I was always giving up and that was it.

One day I started telling him that mom's nene had BuBu.  Such a big BuBu that they need to sleep at night.
He seemed to understand what I was talking about.
That night I went to bed with two slices of lemon and the moment he wanted to nurse I just offered to him and he was so not into the taste!! A big short cry than he gave up and fell asleep on his own.
Second night the same, but no cry on his side just cuddle to me into our bed and went to sleep on his own.
And so we went on for a week or so.
The second week he stopped waking up around 1/2 am to come into our bed.
Now is sleeping into his bed for a very long stretch, till 5 am or 6 am.
I am extremely happy!! I was thinking we could never get to this point.
No he tells me "nene YES" when the sun is out , and"nene"NO when is dar :)
Probably I will be using the lemon to drop some nursing session during the day too, but no hurry for that!

I am enjoying my "long" night now :)
Funny enough, I keep waking up at 1/2am and 3/4am just because my body is so used to it!  Looking forward to  loose the habit and have a real full night of sleep.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Cuddle, snuggle, turn ogg the light, time to say good night!

Another spread sheet is finished :)
This is one of my favorite page!
 It is very personal, because ....YES we do really REALLY sleep like this !

Time to say Goodnight.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

That is how our car looks like.

" ...Jump in! But the car is not that clean!!Sorry!" That was I used to say before my baby came along if I had to give a ride to a friend.
Well... the car pre-baby was so much cleaner compared to what I drive today!!!

Of course the "car cleaning" task is on the next week list of things to do ;)

Friday, October 20, 2017

Let's get ready for bed!

Another page from my coming soon book "It's bed time! A true story."

And surely enough this is true story for many of us.

My boy stopped the brushing teeth drama this week, he is 27 months old. (!!!!) He has 5 different type of toothpaste and I have lost count of the number of toothbrushes, more than 7 probably. We tried playing movies, singing while doing it, let him brush our teeth...there was not a thing that made him brush his teeth with no tears. One day (last week!) he just suddenly stopped crying and now he is ok with it. Hopefully it will stay this way :)

And every evening is a bargain for the numbers of books we agree to read in bed. He wants always so many! And I want always so few..... We normally end up reading three...

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Yes I have become one of those" "moms : still nursing, baby wearing, co sleeping, attachment parenting ..."crazies"!!


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sunset in the sunset. digital 10 minutes sketch

Sunset in the sunset.

We enjoyed some amazing sunsets this past week. Here is a 10 minutes sketch of one of my favorite photos.  

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Monday, October 9, 2017

Happy dressing time .

We have been pretty like so far, not much of the famous tantrums I have read so much about.
Alex is still very sweet and is also saying yes most of the times to what ever we ask him to do.
BUT when is dressing time sometimes (luckily not every time!!!) I hardly recognize my boy!!
and is A BIG BIG drama.
He has few favorites and he just want to wear them ALL THE TIME.
Pink t-shirt ( we bought 4 the same ;)!) , a combo of blue t-shirt and blue shorts, some long pants with white and red stripes or a white and grey lines which is getting small :( , and he likes his police car socks and the firetruck socks. 
People who see us often must think we don't buy him clothes!!!
That is not the case, he actually has plenty , a full unused wardrobe .

Happy dressing time .

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Flowers in his hair.

A super quick digital sketch at nap time today :)

I love seeing how he likes to copy what I picking up flowers from the house next door, putting a couple behind his ears and bringing always a flower to me and one home for daddy.
My sweety!!!

I am a mommy in love!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I have a dream: having a quiet food shopping trip with my little one.

How do moms keep they toddlers happily sitting in the cart while food shopping??
My once peaceful happy shopping buddy has now turned into I-WILL-NEVER-EVER-SIT-IN-A-CART kind of boy.
Dreading today trip to Safeway :(

Monday, October 2, 2017

I LOVE YOU mammina!!

Totally in love with this phase of toddlerhood!
Alex is a little chatty box, speaking all day long, repeating what I say, inventing his own new words and mixing Italian and English. Luckily enough he says Si',  much more often than No! And his "Si'" sounds just so cute!!!

Couples of week ago he started saying "I love you Mammina !" He says it so many times per day I have lost count. But i am never bored with it :) i am actually kind of addicted to it.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

For ever together.

My last commission, a sad story behind this drawing.
Lets enjoy every day as if it was our last one .