Friday, October 30, 2015

G as in Giraffe

Back to my bear alphabet and today we have the letter G as in Giraffe...of course :)

If you want to check out the past letters here are the links:

E elephant
R  racoon
S sheep
A ant
o  ostrich
S see lion
A albatross
L lion
N  nightingale
D duck

 These Bear Alphabet letters are a cute touch for every nursery, pick your child letter or write the full name!
Just drop me an email for any option!

Another beautiful sunny day here at ocean beach, the baby is sleeping next to me ( on the swing of course!!), hubby came home earlier from the is a nice Friday :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alex, 15 weeks.

It took me three morning naps to complete :) here it is, the first (of many!) portrait of my baby.
He is much more beautiful in reality... it is always so very difficult to portrait the people you love.  However I am happy with the final work.

Alex, 15 weeks.

The list of things to do for him is still long: write in his book, put in order his THOUSAND photo (apparently I can't stop my self from taking tons of daily pictures!), make a baby calendar, do more drawings and sketches of him and with him, and more! But the portrait was on the list! SO I am very glad I can tick one off :)
He is actually still napping this morning, THANKS TO OUR BABY SWING!!!! the best baby presnt ever ! Couldnt live without it! ;)
 Time to clean the house and make some lunch!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

two days to THREE MONTHS ...the two of us

When you have a baby and especially when you spend your whole day and your whole time with the baby ( like me!) is normal that your mind is just thinking baby stuff...
 It would probably easier at this stage to start writing a baby blog, instead of an art blog.
Talking about poop ( yes he pooped today! after two days of no-poop-what so ever- but-super cranky- baby) naps and sleep or better NO SLEEP.
We started a new sleep routine few day ago. Basically is the same as before ( batch, feed, lullaby, bed) but it starts earlier. So that around 8 pm I can do something for my self :) like eating, or cleaning up :( or maybe drawing if is a lucky day (as it happened tonight!)
Anyway....I did not expect that it would take so  much time to put a baby in bed! Between tow hours and one hour and half. The same time I used to spend to do a couple of quick study in my PRE-baby-life.

Here is a quick study done today during the afternoon nap time.
My baby is almost three months.... I absolutely adore him.
Our life is much more beautiful with Alex around :)

The two of us.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Super Swaddle!

SWADDLE, a word that was totally unknown to me till 4 months ago, when hubby and I went to our first and only new parent class. They had us practicing on a doll that day, way easier than with the real thing! :)
What matters is that swaddling works!! At least it did work with our baby.
 Here is our super baby burrito all swaddled up!