Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On my way...

Hello everyone!
I have not been posting anything for a week, SORRY!!
I will make it up :) promise!! next month though!!
Other 2 breaks are one their way.
We are off to San Diego Friday for a long weekend,  hubby, Mona and me: a ROAD TRIP! I can't wait!!
Then again off to London and Italy for ten days the week after..

Anyway, let's enjoy (!!) today' s painting, I think is finished, at least almost finished.
I need to check it one again when I wake up tomorrow nice and fresh...
I have been working on this painting a week almost, is pretty big ( my largest canvas till now 30x40inches)

The flowers are done with the palette knife and they are sticking out (cool effect)
The 5 trees on top of the mountain in the background are dedicated to my husband!! He told I should add a bit of life in the here you are baby!

Reason why it took me for ever? Many changes...street, bag, colors...this painting got me exhausted!!!
Planning to paint a nice portrait as a relaxing therapy next :)

But now Mona is claiming her evening walk to the park!!! Let' s go!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

painting open air in the country

Here are the 2 painting from the open air painting session of yesterday :

and the picture...
and picture...

They were both really quick studies, around 50 min each, and I am pleased with the result :)

The best part of day apart from running, swimming and grabbing coffee with a nice friend
:)...was going canvass shopping!!!

Going to paint something big!
I ll keep you updated with it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going to the countrywild for a painting afternoon

Today was just a BEAUTIFUL day :) :) :)
Started with a nice medium long run with Mona and finished with a super tasty pizza out in Palo Alto with hubby.
And how did I spend the rest fo my day ? Painting of course!
In the afternoon I drove south to Saratoga, half  an hour from home where I joined some painters friends for an outdoor painting afternoon.
The drive there was lovely, rolling hills, vineyards,more hills, trees....
I stayed there a couple of hours, enough time for 2 small paintings ( better picture will be posted tomorrow!)

 Here is the first painting coming....I was painting while sitting down ...kind of messy since the painting was falling down every other minute!!

Painting drying on a tractor wheel ! :)
  View for the second piece, challenging all the stuff happening in front...

My brushes resting next to the tractor!

Such a beautiful afternoon...looking forward to go outdoor to landscape painting again SOON!!

Busy day tomorrow....but I have a cool idea for a new painting in mind...maybe I ll do a sketch:)

Have a good night everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2012

flowers on a BIG piece of wood!

Hello everyone!
Yesterday we went to Home Depot to buy electric bulbs and stuff for our BBQ...
We left the shop with piece of wood of 50x7,5 inches in the trolley :) ( 127 cm x 20 cm)
Here it is!
I painted it first with with gesso...
then with acrylic gold paint...

 and then I painted on top poppies of different color with oil paint!
The final result is beautiful !!!
here is a detail!
Have a nice evening everyone!
Off to the dog park with Mona now :)


12x12 in oil on canvas
This is Era, one of Mona's best friends , apparently!
Every time Michal and I go away we leave Mona with a lovely English lady that leaves not too far from here.
Valerie has one dog of her own, Era .
Here is the pict of her!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cyclist with yellow flower

Happy Friday everyone!
Another beautiful and sunny day here in Menlo Park :)
And today 's painting is a super sunny one too!
Long time ago while browsing a magazine I find a picture of girl with a bicycle that I really liked...I tired the page away, put it aside and kept in my journal for over a year, till last week!
When I finally decided what to do with it.

The page...
a first sketch..
and the final painting:

I went out of my comfort zone, trying to make her abstract and to use more color than usual, you can notice the amount if you zoom in!

Is a 16x20inches canvas, is very bright, sunny painting!
Hope you like it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out of the pack!

Hello everyone!
M&M's are so colorful and so good that they deserved a second portrait!
On a bigger canvas 12x12inc
Here they are coming out of pack....(and going directly into my mouth!!)
I painted also all the side of the canvas, and it looks really cool!
here is the top!
and the bottom :

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


6x6inches oil on canvas
Last Saturday while at a concert we met up with a friend, she suggested me to paint M&M's, here is the first small painting, working on a second one now.
Trying to no eat to many of these chocolate M&M's in the mean time!!! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double portrait

Hello !
Hope you had a good day, my was very productive :)
Early run with Mona, then off to school, where I draw to portrait of the same model.
Lunch with a friend, swim and then a small painting once I got home ( I'll post it tomorrow!)
Taking soon Mona for a walk and i might squeeze in some basketball with my hubby, busy day!!!

Today model was a really nice lady, extremely good at posing! she was still for the entire pose:)
I didnt remember her name, but she is from Barcelona.
Following are the pictures of her posing in front of me.

I am having few weeks break from portrait class, back in mid september!!
I ll miss it :(

Friday, August 10, 2012

Agata and Piotr

 12x12 inches oil on canvas

Congratulations to Agata and Piotr getting married today!!
Lots of love from me and Michal

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Figure Painting from live model

Yesterday I went to this figure painting class, the model was standing ( naked) in front, of us, two poses of 40 minute each.
It was fun!!!
Here are my 2 paintings :
ps. this one is the same model I painted abstract last week!:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Portrait of day

Hello dear all!
Another Tuesday and another portrait, oh yes!!!
And it came really well too, so I am happy :)

 The model was a very nice and super good!! (super still!!) she looked like one of those Far West movie ladies ....and the idea made me smile, since actually we are in the real far west here!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mona Lisa Pilawska

12x12 in oil on canvas

This is today 's painting, our super beautiful doggie!!
This was a picture I took some time ago, she is on her favourite bean bag :)
I made a movie while painting Mona, looking forward to put it all together and show it to you guys!
A beautiful Monday this one...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Red hat and butterflies

12x 12 inches

Another experiment! Trying to mix realism and abstract...Hope you like and hope Michal will like it too :)
looking forward to go to SF to pick him today  in the afternoon!!
Have a nice Saturday dear friends!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Abstract Figure Painting

Hello!! and Happy Friday!
Following you will see  the painting from yesterday class.
The model was standing in front of us FULLY CLOTHED ...that was my first time drawing and painting someone NOT naked, weird stuff!!!! :)

Each of them was done in a 20 min pose

I find abstract painting very relaxing, finally I am free to paint as I feel, there are no comparison with reality ....