Saturday, September 30, 2017

New bike lined up! thank you Babbo!

Our sweet boy is growing up so fast!!! Way too fast.
Got a three wheel bike for him today at a garage sale, still to big for him but I am sure it will be the perfect size in few months. 
He was so happy!! And so thankful to his daddy for putting all the pieces together.
Love this little dude to the moon and back and much much more.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Blown away by the fishes.

Apart from being into airplanes, trucks, cars and trains this little one is very much into fishes at the moment!!
 Not just simples basic fishes however, he loves mermaids.
I took him to the academy last week to check out the fishes tanks in the hope of spotting a "bimba-pesce" as he likes to call them (girl-fish).
No mermaids unfortunately but still plenty of fun :)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Blueberries and planes.

Blueberries and planes.

One of the most beautiful things about hanging out with a two year olds is that you get to see the world through his own eyes.

To see the pure excitement in his eyes when he spots an airplane and he starts shouting " Airplane! Aereo!"  Lately every time he sees a plan he actually say " aereo !!! babbo sull'aereo, babbo caduto!!!!"   
Which in english means  :" Daddy is on the plane! Daddy has fallen down !!"
Our daddy went skydiving last week, alex saw the video and the image of daddy falling down has just stack in his mind. Totally understandable.

And we snack on blueberries, yes, like every cool mom and toddler around here :)
(Blueberries were not an item on my shopping list before having a baby!)

  I have never see so many planes and I have never eaten so many blueberries !!! 

Friday, September 8, 2017

That is how a Good Night Sleep looks at our home! pat 16-17 line work

Pag 16-17 of "It's bedtime! A true story"

I am super happy with this spread sheet... my work from yesterday morning and this morning.
Normally It would have taken me several naps time to finish it..while I did it in just two morning of day care!!
Let me explain this better, Alex has started attending day care two mornings a week, the first day was yesterday and well, the second one was today :)
He loves it!!!! He went in today and he didn't look back for me not for a second.
The funny thing is that yesterday I was tempted to keep him home today and having him back in day care only Monday.  
Well it did not happen. My desire for more ME - DRAWING - TIME won over the tempting fun Friday morning with my son.
A mix of feelings inside me, joy for drawing while listening to music and sipping a coffee but also guilty for truly enjoying these hours without my sweet boy around.
 He is turning 26 months this month and we have never been apart for more than a couple of hours...and that was for the rare hairdressing or wax appointment.
We have had babysitters over several times ( to play with him while I was working on my art assignments ) but i didn't have much luck with this method. Alex always wanted to play with mama and not so much with the babysitter. It didn't bother me too much in the beginning but I think in the long run having the full care of my boy every day, all day... really got me exhausted ... and without noticing I was starting to loose my self ( not to mention my marriage!!) in my boy.
And with just one morning of day-care i feel the old me is slowly coming back. However on the good side I can say that  I am totally less obsessed with drawing, my baby is still my number one priority.
But now I do understand all those moms that were encouraging me to take some me time. Probably I was not ready before but I am so ready now :)

I am so excited about going back to work on my book several hours a week and I will do my best to have it done by Christmas ! (Having goals makes me feel good !)

So cheers to all us super moms, taking cares of homes, babies and doggies and hubbies! Time to take care of us now :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE our first day care! Thanks Hope!!

Getting ready to go and get the little now :)

Here is my happy boy during story time yesterday :

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Love you so much.

Love you so much.
8.5x11 inches
digital painting

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad ",

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Love you so much.

Love you so much.
8.5x11 inches
Digital painting.

There are no words that can describe my love for this little one!!!!
Just back from a nice get away by the lake. He is growing and changing so quickly and he is so much fun! talking , running, swimming...a little man.
Love spending our days together.