Thursday, October 30, 2014

Clothed figure drawing sketches.

Today I am posting some of the sketches from last night Clothed figure drawing class. It was a good class. I rarely enjoy drawing male models, yesterday it was one of those exception.  ( I especially like drawing his pants full of folds :)
The black and white sketches are ink and colored pencil, the colored are ink and watercolor, they are all 20 minute long poses.

Working on my next chiaroscuro project today. cloudish weather outside. Good to me!! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Me time. quick sketch with ink and white gouache on toned paper.

Quick sketch
ink and white gouache on toned paper
A me moment.

 I fell in love with the photo in B/W of this lady painting, randomly found on the web.
Here is a quick done with ink and white gouache on my toned paper sketch book .

I ll probably do something more refined with this  image, today it was just a quick warm up, not enough time!

Off to school now for an afternoon/ evening of figure clothed drawing.
It s summer outside today, just gorgeous!

Have a great rest of the day everyone! ;)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Maybe later. Acrylic, ink and oil on wood.

12x12 inches
Maybe later.
Acrylic, oil, and ink on wood.

Here is my last painting, a mixed media experiment.
"Maybe later"
Sometimes we need to enjoy what we like, we'll do the rest later.
Laura's philosophy :)

I used ink for the black part, acrylic followed by oil for the face. Finally the hair and flowers are created by mixing the wood and the ink as a contour.
The idea of having a side fun project that involved brushes and a face (!) has been on the back of mind for quite a while. So happy I followed my "heart" without looking at my busy list of things to do.  I think sometimes WE HAVE TO. 

Painting what I really like ( faces  :) for those who do not know yet!) excite me, makes me happy and makes me want to wake up early on Sunday morning just to paint. :)

Sunny and beautiful today, we have been enjoying an amazing weather for quite sometimes actually.  It totally helps the mood let me tell you.
Taking the doggie for a mid morning walk the back to my easel to start the new new chiaroscuro assignment: a portrait .
I like the new assignment! :)

Maybe later.
Acrylic, oil, and ink on wood.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chiaroscuro, body study.

 My body study with charcoal is finally finished!
Another monument to my patience I would say :)

It took me between 13/15 hours to complete....and I am PLEASED with the result. I could probably do some tiny tiny touches here and there but to tell you the truth I would rather move on to my next project :)

 18x24 inches
Body study

work in progress.

Sunny and beautiful over here, a perfect late summer day :)
Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cappuccetto Rosso e il lupo!

Cappuccetto e il Lupo.

 A fun illustration is the best way to end this HORRIBLE week (!) . And if you are wondering how bad was it the answer is that it was REAL BAD. But don't get me started on this :(
It s Saturday, the weekend is here, we are going for pizza today and I want to be positive!!! :)

Here is a quick illustration with Little Red Riding Hood.
However I am way too much used to call the little girl with her Italian name Cappuccetto (hoody) Rosso (Red) that's why the Italian title.

Here is colored version too...I prefer the grey one though!
Which one do you like better?

Have a great Saturday everyone :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fairy and mermaid, sketches.

ink pen and colored pencil
20 minute pose

I had a great time at last night figure clothed drawing class.... my favorite model was there , all dressed up in really cute outfit, as a fairy and as a mermaid !
 Happy me :)
Here are some of my 20 minute pose long drawing.
I had a couple of colors with me and I had fan playing with them.

20 minuts
charcoal, ink pen and colored pencil
20 minuts
charcoal, ink pen and colored penc

charcoal, ink pen and colored penc

Doing some chiaroscuro today....the weather is perfect:) grey !!
Have a great thursday everyone!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hello Luigi!

 I was asked to turn this two year old puppy named Luigi into a doggie cartoon, here is what I did!


And here is the puppy!

Done with the doggie I can now turn to something more exciting ...a work on wood I have started on the weekend! picture coming soon!
Here is a quick pick ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mail Art Project.

One of my two postcard :
I dream of...more love, more art, more dogs!

Today I went to the Mail Art Project worshop.
A very cool project organized by a very cool friend :) of mine.
The them was I dream of... :

Here is the link :
After the main exhibition in San Francisco on December 5th the cards will be sent  as a small gift to residents in nursing homes, orphanages and homeless shelters worldwide.  A very sweet thing :)
Thanks Bianca for organizing it!

My second postcard:
I dream of....having more time in my day :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Tea time , still life, chiaroscuro

18x24 inches
Tea time

I just pulled down the still life from the corner desk in my room where it has been sitting for 3 weeks. The lemon is old and ready for the garbage. 
Happy hubby! We can make tea again!
And happy me! I am done with this assignment !
Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy chiaroscuro but it so time consuming, and the process is pretty slow. 
At the same time I find it relaxing though...
Yes, I have mixed feeling about this technique . :) Once in a while is good, let's put it that way!

Time to do something different today!Something more colorful :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My dream: more time in my day :) Sketchbook

I dream of .... finding more time in my day !
watercolor, pen, and colored pencil.

My list of things to do is always soooo long...I need a longer day!
Can you understand the frustration ?

And yes, if I was asked what was my dream right now, it would be to make my days longer, or to make me super fast, or to stop the time and give me a chance to catch up with things.
The second dream of course would be to move Italy closer...maybe in place of Oregon :) .
Or maybe Italy as an island in front of California. That would be nice too.

This drawing is on the first page of my new sketchbook. I went to the art store and bought a really nice one:just yesterday) So glad I did it! I have been postponing buying a new sketch book with the excuse that I was too busy with my Illustrator learning. Mistake! I need my mouse-free creativity time too :)
I was missing the mess of colors on my desk .

Enjoy today's drawing and you can also practice your Italian skills by translating my list ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bee-surprise! Quick illustration


Bee - Surprise!

Another cloudy day spent in working on my chiaroscuro project. A lot of fixing today, not very exciting.
In the afternoon I took some time to draw something silly :) I don't know why but I love drawing fatty fishes... 
Down here is the full drawing.
Wishing you all a wonderful evening ! Crushing on the sofa with the doggie very VERY soon ;)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Em. The gangsta in progress :)


Happy monday! 

A weird day this one, weather wise. Summer in the morning, fall at lunch time and right now outside looks winter, cloudy, foggy, windy and cold.

I have been working on this drawing for the last few days, mainly using brushes.
Will start drawing the owner of the dog soon. Unfortunately we are having midterm at the Academy this weeks and we have a lot of deadlines, that means less time for my sides projects :(

Here is a picture of the work brushes:

and here is a detail of the image:


Friday, October 10, 2014

Body study, with charcoal and with Illustrator.

Chiaroscuro class today as every friday. 
Today's class assignment was to draw with charcoal a plaster cast. 
A pretty time consuming assignment actually...but I totally enjoyed it. The work will be finished next Friday in class.
This evening I used the same drawing and tried to do something more colorful and playful.

That is what I did while enjoying my husband homemade pizza (which was AMAZING!)

 Body shapes.

And this a picture of the work in progress from class:

Happy Saturday everyone! We should have a sunny weekend over here :) keep your finger crossed for me! I am in need of some sun :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A beautiful evening drawing away.

I had such a good time at last night figure drawing class, a double espresso  (to make sure I' d make it through the evening!) and an amazing model made the trick .
Drawing from life is always beautiful...but when you like the model it becomes almost magical... you do not want to stop.

Here are some drawing front the class:

40minutes pose
Charcoal pencil

15 minute pose
Charcoal pencil

The class starts always with 10  2minutes pose to warm up here are some:

 Working on my chiaroscuro still life today, I am actually having a good time!
Regina Spektor is playing for me. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Work in progress. A Day in.

Digital Art
Work in progress. 

Here is my last work in progress. Hopefully I ll be done with it before the weekend.

I love spending time creating my own things...oh yes, I do love it.
A day spent doing my own art while listening to my favorite inspiring music ( right now I enjoy listening to Emmy the Great while I work! )
 is just a perfect day on its own, nothing else is  needed. 
This is true especially when my hubby is at home too,  and I can see him at my breaks :)

More things will be added to this illustration, lately I have been enjoying on more complex and longer projects. My patience is improving :).

Busy with some logos now and school later and chiaroscuro tomorrow...ARGHHH!!! 

Have a great day everyone!
Foggy and cloudy here today, I cannot even see the ocean!!:( 
Perfect working weather tough :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quick sketch at the ranch.

At Rustridge Ranch and B&B 
quick sketch

Happy Sunday from Napa valley :)
Another nice and HOT weekend away for us, maybe too hot at times! Especially for Mona :) but still lovely!!!! 
(We are slowing catching up on our two Wharton years of missed weekends !)

We are staying in  nice Ranch outside of St Helena and this is a VERY quick sketch of the office at the entrance. I was literally bitten alive by flies and mosquitos while drawing, what you don t do for art!!!! :)

Back to SF tomorrow.
Here are few pictures of us this weekend:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

He belongs to the sea.

He belongs to the sea.
Digital Vector Art.

As you guys might have noticed I totally prefer drawing and painting women rather than men :)
We are just more beautiful, interesting..ecc ecc !
But today for a change i am posting a man (!)
He is the male version of my Aquarius lady done last week. 
Hope you like it!

A beautiful day today in Ocean beach, a perfect summer day. Unfortunately i ll be closed inside all day drawing, off to school now! Bye Bye!