Tuesday, April 30, 2013

View from the hill,Sanctuary of Monticino, Brisighella

9x12 in
oil on canvas
50 min study
View from the hill, Brisighella

This a study done from a picture a dear friend of mine took on my wedding day, after the mess on the way to the reception.
We were in Brisighella, this is the view of the Sanctuary of Monticino from the opposite hill.
It was a fabulous day, hot, sunny, a perfect summer Italian day and on top that I got married!! It was the best day of my life :)
Panting this made me miss home, my husband that now is traveling and my family back in Italy :( 

This is the original picture:

Monday, April 29, 2013

Out of a dream

16x20 in
oil on canvas
Out of a dream

I haven't been painting faces in a while, and I was missing it!
This wanted to be an uncomplicated relaxing fun painting, the perfect Monday painting :) a good start of the week :)


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Strawberry fruit salad

Two days ago I drove to Half Moon Bay with Mona, on the way we stopped to buy some strawberries from a local farmer.
They tasted just perfect! They tasted of REAL strawberry!! Which is not always the case here!!

Bbefore eating them up I decided to paint few of them ....and of course I needed Mona to help me checking that everything is order!

This was a 50 min study.9x12 in canvas

and this is what happened to the strawberries after the painting!! yummy!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lazy still life ;)

This is was my last 20 min quick study from Tuesday afternoon....
I was tired! and feeling lazy...so I just painted fruits! skipping vases and books and the rest ;)
Sometimes I am allowed to be lazy!

9x12 inches 
oil on canvas board
20 min quick study

and framed! 

Apple cake..... quick study!

9x12 inches
oil on canvas
Apple cake
50 min quick study
This is the still life I put together this afternoon, I was really intrigued by the scale I love the combination red and metal. 
It has been on my things-to-paint list for a while, it was about time!!
Here are some pictures of the work in progress:

quick study still life 20 min

This is the third one of the 5x7 series:

 5x7 inches 
oil on canvas board
20 min quick study
Fruit Bowl

Here are the 3 together, I love them!!!
They are for sale on my ebay page:


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

quick study still life 20 min

5x7 inches
oil on canvas board
20 min quick study

quick study still life 20 min

I am very happy with my quick study from Tuesday afternoon

Here is the first one of the series:
5x7 inches oil on canvas board
Green apple and book
20 min quick study

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Head drawing class

Here is my usual portrait on toned paper with red and white pencil...unfortunately the model was not very good looking ... :(

here is my work!

Still life quick study in class

I am taking once again a quick study class at the Art School in Palo Alto.
And I am loving it!!!
4 quick studies of 15/20 min each from yesterday afternoon class:

Three canvas were 5x7
This is my favorite :)

And I am very happy of the onion here, i think it came really well!
and last but not least....

12x9 in , a larger canvas.

Tomorrow I ll take better picture of all these small painting and I ll post them!

Good night everyone!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teddy bear and flowers, quick study 15 min

Today I found myself walking around the house thinking WHAT i could put in my still life...:)
Peppers maybe? or a tomato?

What about the cute little vase with teddy bear attached Laeti gave me for my birthday?
It has been on my still life waiting list for a while :) I think it was about time!!

Soft hug
quick study 15 min

This was the beginning:
The canvas was already covered with colors .
(normally when I am done with a painting I spread the left over colors on white canvas, I hate white canvases! :)!!)
 Here is the still life:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

LAST of the series :)

Last time I am painting this picture, promise!!:)
This on a larger canvas, 14, 5x11,5 inches
I Really enjoyed this pose, and I absolutely love the shapes of the model.
In need to find something similar to paint from now!!:)

Here now are all the paintings done from this picture, summary time! Here we goes :

I think my favorite is number 3...do you have a favorite one?
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mini Painting, Relax time

Last but not least a funny alternative painting :)

oil on canvas
Relax time

Mini painting: California Coast

2x3 in
California Coast
oil on canvas

Mini painting: Summer Color

Sometime ago in a frame store I bought some really cute mini canvas with their mini frame, really cute!!  2x3 inches
Here they are:

 2x3 in
Summer Color

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quick study :) AGAIN!:)

Another day, another quick quick quick study!!
6x7 in
oil on canvas board

Using my usual photo reference, picture taken from a slightly different angle though.
You might think that by now I know this picture by heart and it should be easy to do a small painting out of it! Not really :)   But I am really enjoying!
I think I ll do few more than u ll see them all together at the end of the week!
Have a good evening everyone!

Impression of Chris

oil on canvas board

I have been exploring new styles and new subjects lately...this one is my first Figurative Impressionist Painting. I love the blurry effect and softness of it....is very dreamy!
Hope you like it too!

Painting framed :)

Here is the original picture, with my amazing model :) Chris!

Monday, April 8, 2013


 5x5 inches 
oil on canvas board

This was my after lunch painting of today!
Literally painted while having coffee :)
My husband enjoyed the avocado! I hope you will enjoy the painting!

Harbour , landscape painting study

8x10 inc
oil on canvas board

This is was my painting of the morning, I wanted to practice reflection and water...this picture was very good for the purpose !
Hope you like it!

Quick study 15 min

Since I hate to waste the colors left on my palette ( way to expensive to throw away!;) !!) I made a super quick study 10-15 min I think.
Same picture as the other day. Unfortunately I dont have many pict of this kind! I wish.....
Hope u like it!
I do :)
7x5 in
oil on canvas board

Saturday, April 6, 2013

La mia meta' = My Half

12x12 in
oil on canvas
La mia Meta'
This was my weekend painting. It started easy and then it became a bit of a struggle....my fault! By now I should know that a well-planned-ahead painting is a better painting!! Fixing things is fun but a but time consuming and the result is never the same!
i will paint again this subject soon!
For now enjoy La Mia Meta'

Quick study 15 min

I am getting addicted to painting quick studies!!! I love it so much!
Especially because i do not have time for over-thinking , just quick decision, lines, brush stroke and DONE! finished :) love love love love it!

This is a 15 min study from a picture of the model taken in class:

oil on canvas board

Friday, April 5, 2013

View from behind, finished !

oil on wrapped canvas
 I am mine

I think i might work a little bit more on the hair later today or tomorrow, I need to wait fr the color to dry a bit and I also need to wait for the sun to come out so that I can take a better picture outside :)
Weird weather this year!! Where is spring?? :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

View from behind

Sometime ago I asked my husband to take some pictures of me from the back, my neck , hair up.
Here is one of the pictures:

My underpainting, on 12 x2" canvas