Monday, September 25, 2017

Blueberries and planes.

Blueberries and planes.

One of the most beautiful things about hanging out with a two year olds is that you get to see the world through his own eyes.

To see the pure excitement in his eyes when he spots an airplane and he starts shouting " Airplane! Aereo!"  Lately every time he sees a plan he actually say " aereo !!! babbo sull'aereo, babbo caduto!!!!"   
Which in english means  :" Daddy is on the plane! Daddy has fallen down !!"
Our daddy went skydiving last week, alex saw the video and the image of daddy falling down has just stack in his mind. Totally understandable.

And we snack on blueberries, yes, like every cool mom and toddler around here :)
(Blueberries were not an item on my shopping list before having a baby!)

  I have never see so many planes and I have never eaten so many blueberries !!! 

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