Friday, September 8, 2017

That is how a Good Night Sleep looks at our home! pat 16-17 line work

Pag 16-17 of "It's bedtime! A true story"

I am super happy with this spread sheet... my work from yesterday morning and this morning.
Normally It would have taken me several naps time to finish it..while I did it in just two morning of day care!!
Let me explain this better, Alex has started attending day care two mornings a week, the first day was yesterday and well, the second one was today :)
He loves it!!!! He went in today and he didn't look back for me not for a second.
The funny thing is that yesterday I was tempted to keep him home today and having him back in day care only Monday.  
Well it did not happen. My desire for more ME - DRAWING - TIME won over the tempting fun Friday morning with my son.
A mix of feelings inside me, joy for drawing while listening to music and sipping a coffee but also guilty for truly enjoying these hours without my sweet boy around.
 He is turning 26 months this month and we have never been apart for more than a couple of hours...and that was for the rare hairdressing or wax appointment.
We have had babysitters over several times ( to play with him while I was working on my art assignments ) but i didn't have much luck with this method. Alex always wanted to play with mama and not so much with the babysitter. It didn't bother me too much in the beginning but I think in the long run having the full care of my boy every day, all day... really got me exhausted ... and without noticing I was starting to loose my self ( not to mention my marriage!!) in my boy.
And with just one morning of day-care i feel the old me is slowly coming back. However on the good side I can say that  I am totally less obsessed with drawing, my baby is still my number one priority.
But now I do understand all those moms that were encouraging me to take some me time. Probably I was not ready before but I am so ready now :)

I am so excited about going back to work on my book several hours a week and I will do my best to have it done by Christmas ! (Having goals makes me feel good !)

So cheers to all us super moms, taking cares of homes, babies and doggies and hubbies! Time to take care of us now :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE our first day care! Thanks Hope!!

Getting ready to go and get the little now :)

Here is my happy boy during story time yesterday :

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