Tuesday, August 26, 2014

French Decadence. Sketch.

A detail from our place here in Ajaccio.
We are staying in a old building downtown, every building around us looks exactly old as our. Apparently (according to wikipedia!) French people describe this style a " triste" or "melanconique".
 From an old chair to a broken curtain in our home, or to and old house with incredibly old shutters that are almost falling apart. (!) Everything looks so full of past and history. I like it :) 

This broken curtain is hanging on a corridor window in our apartment. 


black pen, white gouache and watercolor.

Then I sit down on the floor next to our door and I draw our flight of stair. We are at the 3rd floor, a very good daily exercise!

Black pen and watercolor sketch.

Last day in Ajaccio for us today!

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