Monday, August 18, 2014

Chiacchere al bar, Faenza. Sketch.

This morning hubby and I spent few hour in a coffee place near the main square in Faenza.
Michal was working, I was drawing. Perfect combination :)

The original idea was for me to draw some building but in the end I ended up drawing some of people around us, while listening to them chatting.

There was a group of ladies talking about everything and everyone, people, fruit picking, weather, life and death.


Italian Ladies, morning at the bar.
Pen sketch.

I wrote pieces and bit of conversation all around, funny stuff!
And here they were :)

On the other side a couple of men where sitting, reading the local newspaper and having a quick chat. VERY quick chat :)

 Dante e Pio. 
Sketch with pen,

Finally a quick drawing of the wall next to the bar, I love the old red bricks

 Ciao a tutti!!

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