Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Are you flying to me?

Are you flying to me?

Hello in there! Are you ready? Today is your first due date (yepp!! they gave me two dates, today and tomorrow! ) . However few weeks ago I started saying that i could never miss out on a nice sunny July day (..since they are normally rare over here...) and since then it has been sunny everyday! I swear it :) !
Today is just super nice, pretty warm already and is not even 8.30 am.
Unbelievable !

Small drawing done for you last night, I wanted to try out some new digital watercolor brushes, hope you like it!
Your daddy has decided to work from home today, just in case you decide to  join us! But we also have a good friend of mine over for maybe you could choose the late afternoon or even better the evening time to start the show!

Have a good day my baby!
Cant' wait to meet you soon!! Very soon!

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