Thursday, March 12, 2015

Underworld, ink pen, watercolor and colored pencils.

Good morning!
Just back from a nice early morning walk with Mona! It's so nice to back on your own feet!
Still painful at times but being able to do and go where you want any time you want it is such an amazing feeling.

Today I am posting my Underworld Illustration, still a work in progress since I am not yet sure about the final piece!
I have a couple of ideas in mind...I am getting there...but the only way to get there for me is through trying different styles.

Ink pen, watercolor, colored pencil.

from my sketchbook.

Here is a version all in watercolor, but i prefer to have the water in different style...

watercolor and pen from my sketchbook

Here is the digital version I posted few days ago:

Starting a new oil painting today and working again on this illustration next week!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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