Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nonna Lucia

Hello everyone, I am back!
Back to running hill, back to cleaning, back to cooking and back to painting!!
I had an amazing time in Europe, first London, than Milan, than Faenza, my home town. I loved and enjoyed every second of it.
When home I draw my grand mother , "nonna" in Italian.
She gave me also a picture of when she was young, that will be my next portrait :)
Nonna Lucia is my dad' mom....I wish I could see her more often than once or twice per year
( I wish California was closer too Italy!!!)
..she is fantastic, she always has a right advice for me...a very wise woman:)

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  1. Hi, this is an amazin drawing. I can see how much you love your nonna. It always surprises me how emotion translates to a painting or drawing you create. And as an Italian you have a abundance of passion and feeling. I miss you and I am looking forward to see you when I get back..