Friday, September 21, 2012


Happy Friday guys!
Days are getting shorter and cooler but the sun is always here, ALWAYS :) amazing!
Mona is relaxing after our morning run and I am planning my next is not too bad!! ( thanks to my lovely husband!)

When I was in Italy I draw my grandmother.
 Once I was done with my drawing I showed it her asking for feedback.
No excitement coming from her ....she liked it just because it really looked like her...but she doesnt like to see herself old, getting old sucks ! Her own words ( in Italian of course!)
So I asked her to show me some pictures of when she was young..and oh my god! she was absolutely stunning!!!
She didnt have many, since they didnt have much money to spend on fancy photography session, but she had a beautiful one from 1942. She was 18 years old then.
At that time the second world was in full swing in our area,  it was the right moment to take a picture...who knows what will happen the next day.

Here is the picture :
And now some picture of the work in progress.

First I do the drawing on an empty canvas 12x12"
then I choose the color, a green-gray tone...
 Then I start with eyes and mouth...

  Here is final work, my grandmother Lucia in 1942 , when she was 18 years old.
I am planning to send it to her as soon as it is fully dried , a perfect birthday present , she will be 88 years old October 17th.

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