Tuesday, July 10, 2012

back to class! and loving it !:)

 Hello everyone and ...CIAO MAMMA!!!
yes....correct guess! my mom has started reading my blog, and from today she has also a FB account!! wow wow wow! I am speachless! Brava mamma!!
I am so glad she got better with internet...and she will improve her English too! :)

Beautiful sunny day this one, hot but not too hot, just the usual perfect amount of heat ( i am making some Italians jealous on this point!)

My right ankle is not yet ok so no running once again, I am missing it so much!! Hopefully by the end of week I ll be ok.  Mona had 2 long walks, she cannot complain :)

After a break of almost 2 weeks I was back to my favourite thing: head drawing class.

This is today's portrait, I took picture of different steps, hope you will enjoy it!

 This is the drawing I did in the first 20 min of the sitting session, dark and shadows.
 In the second sitting I go darker and I add details
 In the last 20 min I add the white pencil and pay attention to the details.

  I am very pleased with the final result! I especially like the  teeth showing between the lips, if you zoom in the final drawing you can spot them!
She was a nice model...even though she fall asleep twice !! She said she didnt sleep well last night...ok!!!! :)

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