Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Chemistry of love part one: Dopamine, Oil on canvas 9x12 inches

The chemistry of love: Dopamine.
9x12 inches
oil on canvas

 Valentine's is approaching and I started a new series of painting about the chemicals that make us so crazy in love.

The first one is Dopamine. This chemical stimulates 'desire and reward' by triggering and intense rush of pleasure. It has the same effect on the brain as taking cocaine!
Researchers says that signs of surging dopamine are : increased energy, less need for sleep or food, focused attention and exquisite delight in smallest detail of the novel relationship.
In a nutshell Dopamine is thought to be the "pleasure chemical", producing a feeling of bliss.

I' ll be not be painting for 2 weeks or so, we have some family&friends coming over from Europe and I will be super busy doing the tourist guide over here : ).
Hopefully I ll find some time for sketching! That would make me very happy!

Ciao for now !

A selfie of us today :)

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