Saturday, January 28, 2012


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  1. 15 x15 cm oil on canvas

    I started this Animal Alphabet from the very end...and I am following the English alphabet ( In Italian we have only 21 letters :) no k, j, y, w) that s why sometime I got confused!! Sorry folks :)!
    Tomorrow would be J turn for example, but I posted it already few day ago, AHHHH :)so I ll give a I !

    I have actually almost finished all the letters, only A is left, I ll do in the afternoon.
    All the letters are currently on the top of our living room table, I ll move them on a wall soon :) I need to think a strategy nail approach since i do not want to use 30 nails!

    Off for a long saturday run now...the weather is AMAZING.....20 c yesterday...and is still january!! OMG !!