Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crazy hair, curly hair, old dried paint hair!

Today I am back to my first painting love:  painting red hair girls.

I started this painting yesterday and I finished it today it was really fun!
To create the texture in her hair I used old dried paint. I glued it on the canvas with modeline paste then I painted on top with acrylic colors .
Today I painted it all with oil colors.

I really hate wasting paint! :(  But some time there is no choice, or I dont need some colors for my new painting or it dries before I get the chance to use it.
Sometime ago I started keeping on a side the dried painting I was scraping off my palette...thinking that sooner or later I would come up with an idea on how to use it!
Here it is! :)
Hope you like it, I love it!

 11x16 in
oil and mixed media on canvas board
Crazy hair, Lovely hair

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